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Today I Learned…

Whitelisting Pi-hole — Working with Pi-hole and a bit of sed.

GitHub CLI — Using the GitHub CLI to make authenticated and authorized download from a private repo.

OSS donations, fonts — Starting some micro-donations to open source developers. And a font.


Recent Blog Posts

Altitude, Brevity, Contrast, and Directness

writing communication

How to write with a busy reader in mind by answering some questions. What altitude are they at? How can you be succinct? Are you highlighting the important bits? Are you being as direct as you can be?

Pay It Forward

advice technology career

I had a great chat with a college student about a career in tech. I thought I’d share some of the advice I gave them. It’s not going to change the world, but it might help someone.

Tracking program investments in SQLite

sqlite cte hierarchical data

Using SQLite to work with hierarchical data and learning about CTEs and data loading along the way.

Task for automation

automation tasks

Using task as a Make alternative for your automation tasks and wonderment.

SQLite and Go App

go yaml sqlite program-management

Using Go and SQLite to munge YAML data for fun and profit…or for free.