I tend to write blogs less frequently that TIL’s. So they are typically longer and dig a little deeper.

Pay It Forward

advice technology career

I had a great chat with a college student about a career in tech. I thought I’d share some of the advice I gave them. It’s not going to change the world, but it might help someone.

Tracking program investments in SQLite

sqlite cte hierarchical data

Using SQLite to work with hierarchical data and learning about CTEs and data loading along the way.

Task for automation

automation tasks

Using task as a Make alternative for your automation tasks and wonderment.

SQLite and Go App

go yaml sqlite program-management

Using Go and SQLite to munge YAML data for fun and profit…or for free.

Giving Actionable Feedback

management growth

Feedback is a gift. But how do you provide feedback to someone while increasing the chance that the person can hear and maybe even act on what you’re sharing with them?

Learning JSON Schema

json schema

JSON Schema is an old concept wrapped in a relatively new format. I learned a few things as I was defining a data model using JSON Schema.

Terraforming 101

iac terraform

In which I finally get to grips with infrastructure as code on a real project while trying to set up identity aware proxy to protect a private app from prying eyes.

Operating Principles a.k.a. How We Work

leadership work learning

This is a lightly obfuscated version of something I wrote for the technical team at Woolpert Cloud Solutions. It reflects the values I promote for the team and my ethos around enabling people to make …

A Bit of Fastapi for Auth

python auth fastapi

Learning more about JWT as a way to encode claims by getting hands-on with FastAPI, a relative newcomer to the Python family of web frameworks.

Tinkering With Tax Data

datasette data

Using some open source tools to learn about tax data in Denver.

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