I tend to write blogs less frequently that TIL’s. So they are typically longer and dig a little deeper.

Tinkering With Tax Data

datasette data

Using some open source tools to learn about tax data in Denver.

Big O for Imposters

theory cs

A short and probably obvious statement for people who studied computer science. But for me is not obvious and took a short bit of reading on Big(O).

Transforming the Team on Your Practical Cloud Journey

leadership cloud learning

Reposting a blog I wrote for Woolpert about digital transformation and the necessary culture, learning, and mindset for a successful and practical cloud journey.

Multiple ssh keypairs and how to use them

ssh security

Finally learning more about ssh keypairs and how to manage them using ssh-agent.

asdf for Runtime Management

tools python java mac

Using asdf as an alternative to homebrew for managing language runtimes like Python and Ruby. It provides a holistic solution to the same problem that pyenv and nvm and rvm solve for specific …

Coding Exercise in Go


Answering my own coding exercise using Go and sharing a couple of things I learned along the way about JSON and concurrency.

A Practical Cloud Journey

leadership cloud

Re-posting the kickoff to Woolpert’s 2021 Practical Cloud Journey series. It’s all about customer value, not getting ahead of yourself (or your competence), and the importance of context.

Open Source (Geospatial) Data Exploration

geospatial data-science opensource

GCP Billing API Scripting

gcp shell-scripting

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