I tend to write blogs less frequently that TIL’s. So they are typically longer and dig a little deeper.

Coding Exercise in Go


Answering my own coding exercise using Go and sharing a couple of things I learned along the way about JSON and concurrency.

A Practical Cloud Journey

leadership cloud

Re-posting the kickoff to Woolpert’s 2021 Practical Cloud Journey series. It’s all about customer value, not getting ahead of yourself (or your competence), and the importance of context.

Open Source (Geospatial) Data Exploration

geospatial data-science opensource

GCP Billing API Scripting

gcp shell-scripting

Welcome Back

Reposting Woolpert Cloud strategy blog

leadership strategy

Reposting a blog I wrote for Woolpert on how to proceed with a cloud strategy. I focus mostly on the Decide phase, since that’s most interesting to me personally, and I think it’s also the …

Core Skills ≥ Technical Skills


Re-posting a popular article of mine from LinkedIn, I muse over the relative benefits of technical skills over core skills in hiring.

UML in a nutshell

uml tools techniques

I don’t always reach for UML but when I do I always draw the wrong little diamond for aggregation vs. composition so maybe this will help me to use the right pen for the job next time!

Running SQL scripts in C#

csharp dotnet sql

How to run a bunch of SQL scripts inside a C# program.

Capturing edit events in ArcMap

esri dotnet geospatial

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