Python, SQL, and data eng

replit python data engineering sql sqlite

Data engineering audiocast, plus Python photos

2021 06 02

geospatial python geocode osm

Using Python to work with addresses and Open Street Map networks.

A Bit of Fastapi for Auth

python auth fastapi

Learning more about JWT as a way to encode claims by getting hands-on with FastAPI, a relative newcomer to the Python family of web frameworks.

2021 05 15

python spatialite sqlite icu

ICU for Python head-scratcher solved

2021 05 05

linux python asdf

Getting Python running on fresh Linux

2021 04 29

git python tools

Default git branch name and Python formatting

asdf for Runtime Management

tools python java mac

Using asdf as an alternative to homebrew for managing language runtimes like Python and Ruby. It provides a holistic solution to the same problem that pyenv and nvm and rvm solve for specific …

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