tools direnv

Using direnv to automatically handle environment variables.

2021 06 15

linux tools gcp billing

Some awk for text file munging

2021 05 31

tools visualization strategy

Wardley maps to visualize strategy

2021 04 29

git python tools

Default git branch name and Python formatting

2021 04 02

tools google-cloud

PNG squishing and static sites on GCS

2021 03 10

tools til

asdf for Runtime Management

tools python java mac

Using asdf as an alternative to homebrew for managing language runtimes like Python and Ruby. It provides a holistic solution to the same problem that pyenv and nvm and rvm solve for specific …

UML in a nutshell

uml tools techniques

I don’t always reach for UML but when I do I always draw the wrong little diamond for aggregation vs. composition so maybe this will help me to use the right pen for the job next time!

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