Today I Learned

This might not exactly be daily, but it does capture short snippets of knowledge that my future self will probably find useful.

Whitelisting Pi-holeWorking with Pi-hole and a bit of sed.

sed macos pihole networking

GitHub CLIUsing the GitHub CLI to make authenticated and authorized download from a private repo.

authentication github api curl

OSS donations, fontsStarting some micro-donations to open source developers. And a font.

github sponsorship opensource font

SQLite schemaLearning a few bits about SQLite that are worth noting.


VSCode for MarkdownWriting Markdown using VS Code


Python, SQL, and data engData engineering audiocast, plus Python photos

replit python data engineering sql sqlite

2021-08-31Using direnv to automatically handle environment variables.

tools direnv

2021-08-28Using GitLFS for the first time.


2021-08-18Using Google Sheets for event planning

regex google sheets

2021 07 12In which type coercion and JavaScript magic bite me in the…date math.


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