Today I Learned

This might not exactly be daily, but it does capture short snippets of knowledge that my future self will probably find useful.

TIL — December 17, 2022Learning a few bits about SQLite that are worth noting.


TIL — February 6, 2022Writing Markdown using VS Code


TIL — November 11, 2021Data engineering audiocast, plus Python photos

replit python data engineering sql sqlite

TIL — August 31, 2021Using direnv to automatically handle environment variables.

tools direnv

TIL — August 28, 2021Using GitLFS for the first time.


TIL — August 18, 2021Using Google Sheets for event planning

regex google sheets

TIL — July 12, 2021In which type coercion and JavaScript magic bite me in the…date math.


TIL — June 15, 2021Some awk for text file munging

linux tools gcp billing

TIL — June 2, 2021Using Python to work with addresses and Open Street Map networks.

geospatial python geocode osm

TIL — May 31, 2021Wardley maps to visualize strategy

tools visualization strategy

TIL — May 29, 2021Trying svelte-kit and Tailwind CSS

TIL — May 15, 2021ICU for Python head-scratcher solved

python spatialite sqlite icu

TIL — May 5, 2021Getting Python running on fresh Linux

linux python asdf

TIL — April 29, 2021Default git branch name and Python formatting

git python tools

TIL — April 4, 2021PM and Eng leadership


TIL — April 2, 2021PNG squishing and static sites on GCS

tools google-cloud

TIL — March 31, 2021Learning about Pangeo and friends


TIL — March 16, 2021From GCP to Terraform

terraform leadership

TIL — March 10, 2021

tools til

TIL — March 1, 2021

leadership architecture opensource

TIL — February 28, 2021