March 10, 2021

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VisiData is a Swiss Army Knife for viewing, querying, filtering, summarizing, and converting a very wide array of data types. It comes with a bunch of standard data format support like CSV. Just looking at the file types makes me happy, because it includes geospatial too.

Get started with python is easy.

pip3 install visidata 
pip3 install pyshp # geospatial support
asdf reshim python

The asdf... part is needed because I’m using asdf these days.

Then read this great tutorial.

Now point at a SQLite database with dv training.db:

A SQLite table - VisiData lets you choose from a list of all tables

Or open a shapefile dv some-shape-file.shp which is the CSV of spatial data:

Viewing a shapefile with zero GIS software

In this case I’ve tagged two columns by typing ! so that I can sort by them using [ and ]. But even better, I can use those key columns for quick summary statistics using Shift-F:

And adding data types to the columns is easy too: just select a column and type % for Date, and so on.

Total area of features by summarizing

But what really blew my mind was the ability to select a row and type . (period) to get a preview of the feature…in a terminal window!

Single row preview of spatial data

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