February 5, 2023

github sponsorship opensource font

Sponsoring open source

I just sponsored my first person using GitHub! https://github.com/sharkdp. Just a couple of USD ($) per month, but I hope those add up. I’m a fan of David’s bat tool and have aliased cat to bat. I also install the fd tool as a sensible alternative to find.

Then I kept going and gave a tiny bit to the good folks behind Taskfile.dev which is so nice as an alternative to make that I encourage everyone to take a look.

So, nothing big ($4 / month!) but my first step in the right direction.

Berkeley Mono

My second I treated myself to a nice monospaced font for Christmas but I’m just sharing that news now: Berkeley Mono looks just wonderful:

Really happy to support an excellent typeface, given that I’m a quiet lover of a good font. And they just shipped their beta version of ligatures so now iTerms and my various other text interfaces look even nice.

I will update this personal website with the new look. Someday ;-)

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