Today I Learned

This might not exactly be daily, but it does capture short snippets of knowledge that my future self will probably find useful.

2021 06 15Some awk for text file munging

linux tools gcp billing

2021 06 02Using Python to work with addresses and Open Street Map networks.

geospatial python geocode osm

2021 05 31Wardley maps to visualize strategy

tools visualization strategy

2021 05 29Trying svelte-kit and Tailwind CSS

2021 05 15ICU for Python head-scratcher solved

python spatialite sqlite icu

2021 05 05Getting Python running on fresh Linux

linux python asdf

2021 04 29Default git branch name and Python formatting

git python tools

2021 04 04PM and Eng leadership


2021 04 02PNG squishing and static sites on GCS

tools google-cloud

2021 03 31Learning about Pangeo and friends