June 15, 2021

linux tools gcp billing


I needed to do a little slicing of text. Google Cloud Platform provides billing data as a monthly CSV. It includes a sku column I needed.

sku,service,description,price,unit,tier start,units per tier
9B46-8DDB-2AC8,Cloud Run,Cloud Run Network Inter Region Egress ...

The goal is to get each SKU (column one) and append them all for a SQL IN(...) statement. So comma separated and quoted like IN("sku1", "sku2",...).

Here’s what I ended up with:

cat billing.csv | awk -F',' 'FNR > 1 {print "\x27"$1"\x27"}' | paste -sd "," -

I learned a couple of things doing this so let’s break it down:

  • Separator - By default awk uses a space. The -F',' flag defines that separator as a comma instead.
  • Ignore the first line. The FNR > 1 tells awk to only process lines with a linenumber greater than 1. I guess this is 1-based rather than zero based.
  • Single-quote the output. The SQL IN statement expects strings to be inside single-quotes like 'THIS'. There was plenty of advance on Stack Overflow but ultimately I liked the approach of adding quotes to awk output using hexadecimal instead of escaping the quotes needed to type a quote as the special character.
  • paste. Never came across this before but it “merges lines of files”. So where cat and awk emit on line per result, paste will squish them all into a single line and give me the chance to insert my own separator --delimeter or -d ",".



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